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BBQ Menu 1

BBQ Menu 1

Fillet of Red Poll beef in green peppercorns, rosemary & basil
Butterflied leg of lamb, marinated in lemon, oregano & smoked chilli
Wild & flat mushrooms, smoked garlic polenta
Whole sea bass, stuffed with almonds, preserved lemons
Served with:
Olive, caper & red onion potato salad
Green bean, coriander & capers
Chargrilled and pickled fennel
Blue cheese & red onion
Breads & sauces


Chocolate nemesis, praline, caramel ice cream
Raspberry fool, white chocolate tube, pistachio snaps


From £32.40 + VAT per head inc crockery, cutlery & ‘buffet/BBQ’ service

BBQ Menu 2

BBQ Menu 2

Suffolk beef burgers, bacon & our own ‘plastic cheese’
Coriander & coconut tiger prawn kebabs
Sweet red pepper and teriyaki haloumi
‘Broxted bangers’ Pork sausages
Served with:
Rosemary butter roasted potatoes
Iceberg with blue cheese dressing
Oven dried tomato & mozzarella
Baby gem, spring onion & chilli
Breads & sauces
Limón cello syllabub, hazelnut shortbread ‘croisttant’
Strawberries, brown sugar meringues & grain of paradise cream
From £25.25 + VAT per head inc crockery, cutlery & ‘buffet/BBQ’ service

BBQ Menu 3

BBQ Menu 3
Broxted bangers Pork sausages
Suffolk beef burgers
Coconut, chilli & lime gurnard kebabs
Bean burgers
Served with:
Seared cherry tomato & thyme oil salad
Green puy lentils, lemon & oregano
Shallot & herb potato salad
Breads & sauces

Sunken chocolate cake, chantilly cream
Red berries, jelly & grain of paradise cream
From £21.65 + VAT per head including crockery, cutlery & ‘buffet/BBQ’ service



Slow cooked pork, ginger dipping sauce (H)
Lamb loin, salsa verde, pea fritter, pea shoots (H)
Corn-fed chicken & pancetta roulade, aoili, sage oil
Bacon & egg on toast (poached quail egg, pancetta, crostini) (H)
Carpaccio of veal, pigeon, duck, lamb, beef or venison
(with rocket salad, parmesan, balsamic jelly)
Duck liver parfait, cassis jelly, brioche
Parma ham, tomato bread
Hakusai cabbage & bacon rolls cooked in sake (H)
Arancini (crispy risotto balls stuffed a rich meat ragu) (H)
Rump steak in yellow mustard seeds (H)


Cured salmon and pickled beetroot with wasabi
Miso kingfish, udon noodles & peashoot salad (H)
Tuna, coriander crust, wasabi & daikon salad
Crispy squid with chilli & lemon zest (H)
Flash fried prawns, garlic, parsley, oil (H)
Miniature fish & chips, tartare sauce, caviar (H)
Scallop tartare, cauliflower beignets, avruga caviar
Salmon mouse, cucumber cannelloni
Tiger prawn rice paper roll, rice, chilli & lemon
Smoked eel, horseradish and lemon thyme croquettes (H)
Smoked coley, horseradish, beetroot yoghurt


Crispy tofu & shitake (H)
Arancini (crispy risotto balls stuffed with vegetables) (H)
Stichleton, williams pear & walnut tart
Charred courgette, ricotta, pine nut, basil
Smoked wild mushroom & copys cloud croustade
Smoky aubergine & pepper, golden baskets
Mozzarella & cherry tomato tarte fine
Goats cheese mousse, mustard pickles on truffle oil fried bread


Suffolk crab, lemon butter & chilli
Brown shrimps, nutmeg butter & Suffolk wholemeal toast
Gressingham duck with a tangerine and radish salad


Peking duck consomme
Smoked haddock vichysoisse
Butternut squash & crumbled goats cheese
Cauliflower cheese smokey tomato
Caramelised onion
Smokey tomato
Baked potato consomme, butter
Beef broth with ginger

Choose 4 @ £5.95 + VAT
Choose 6 @ £7.95 + VAT
Choose 8 @ £10.15 + VAT

Cold Fork 1

Fennel & bleu d’Auvernge galette
Roasted rib of beef, broad bean and mint salsa
Almond, lemon & mint stuffed trout
Quiche: Lorraine, caramelised onion & blue cheese,
broccoli, leek & smoked haddock
Pork pie, cider jelly

Feta, pea & oregano
Char grilled and pickled fennel
Baby gem, spring onion & chilli
Herb marinated puy lentils with salsa Verde
Rosemary butter roasted potatoes

White chocolate mousse, almond brittle, meringue ‘eclairs’
Red wine syrup poached pears, crunchy walnuts, piped cheesecake


From £29.25 + VAT inc service, crockery & cutlery

Cold Fork 2

Garlic roasted brisket
Rillettes: Pork, duck, chicken, eel, lamb breast
Quiche: Lorraine, caramelised onion & blue cheese, leek & smoked haddock
Baked fennel & lemon stuffed mackerel wrapped in saddleback bacon
Salmon koulibiac & pickles

Olive, caper & red onion potato salad
Iceberg with blue cheese dressing
Butternut squash & goats cheese
Green bean, coriander & capers
Oven dried tomato & mozzarella

Custard tart, nutmeg cream
Sunken chocolate cake, vanilla crème Chantilly


From £27.50 + VAT inc service, crockery & cutlery

Finger Buffet

Sandwiches: Open, country style or toasted from a selection of breads
(Fillings: Salad items, tuna, honey roast ham, turkey and cranberry,
mackerel and avocado, cheddar & pickles and more)

Poppy seed tart of blue cheese, marscapone and red onion
Chive pancakes with brie & watercress
Frittata of onions, peppers and artichokes
Hand salted, cut and cooked crisps
Miniature baked potatoes

Kiln smoked salmon mousse, marinated cucumber and bacon bread
Smoked mackerel, pickled carrot and horseradish
Lobster omelettes sauce mousseline
Potted crayfish crostini

Gougers (served warm)
Tartlet of shallot puree, crispy pigs head
Turmeric and cardamom chicken brochette
Beef Carpaccio on olive bread with parmesan
Corn-fed chicken breast and guacamole on toasted foccaccia
Roast rib of beef, hollandaise sauce & baby gherkins
Croquettes of chicken and mushrooms
Charred pork belly in gem wraps
Rice paper rolls of duck teriyaki
Foie gras bon bons
Haggis bon bons
Crispy pig’s ears

Select four items £7.50 + VAT per head

Select five items for £9.15+ VAT per head

Select seven items for £11.50 + VAT per head

Select ten items £14.35 + VAT per head

Greek Sharing Menu

Platters of dolmades, zucchini balls, keftedes, tzatziki, melitzanosalata, olives & oil, flat breads

Walnut, tomato and feta stuffed eggplant (V)

Served with bowls of
Cucumber salad
Tomato & red onion
Carrot, lemon, cardamom
Honey, walnut and pistachio Baklava
£37 + VAT Per person, including cutlery, crockery & service

Hot Buffet 1

Monkfish with broad beans, peas and Savoy cabbage
Braised leek crumbles brioche and hazelnuts. Slow cooked tomatoes & brie
Braised duck with smoked garlic, leeks & salsa Verde

Suffolk apple parfait, pressed terrine and caramel apple biscuits
Crème brulee, 5 biscuits


£27 + VAT
inc service, crockery & cutlery

Hot Buffet 2

Very slow cooked pork belly, braised red cabbage & sweet pear
Rocket & cashel blue stuffed conchiglioni rigati with courgette fritters and dhal
Smoked haddock, whiting, smoked eel, hake Mornay with new potatoes

Neapolitan terrine, brandy snaps, Seville oranges
Classic tart tatin, spiced crème fraiche


£25 + VAT
inc service, crockery & cutlery

Hot Buffet 3

Chicken Jalfrezi, rice, naan
Beef in Beer & Mustard, root veg, boulangere tatties
Morrocan Lamb, cous cous, flat bread
Lasagne, salad, wedges
Mustard & oregano slow roasted lamb, salad, wedges
Chicken tikka masala, rice, naan
Thai green chicken curry, rice, flat bread
Mossaman beef curry, rice, flat bread
Chicken chatinad, rice, naan
Chilli con carne, rice, cheese
Beef slow cooked with shallots & horseradish, root veg, mash
Enchiladas, salad, wedges
Pork Stroganoff, rice, bread
Fruit Salad with cream
Chocolate tart with cream
Caramel & hazelnut profiteroles
2 Courses From £14.35 + VAT with dessert
2 Course From £15.95 + VAT with cheeseboard
All prices inc. crockery, cutlery, serving equip & delivery/collection

Italian Sharing Menu

Anti pasti
Finochiona, coppa, pecorino, talegio, olives, semi dried tomatoes, grilled/roasted veg, bread
Pasta Course
Classic lasagne or ravioli – salt cod, puttenesca sauce
Main Course
Fillet steak or rolled roasted sirloin, roasted cherry tomatoes & rocket, balsamic dressing, roasted rocket pesto & pancetta new potatoes
Garlic & rosemary polenta, smoked mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes & rocket (V)
Sharing  puddings
Zeppole (little fried pastries topped with custard and cherries or chocolate)
Limoncello & strawberry pannacotta
From £39 + VAT per head for 3 courses, £44.50 + VAT per head for 4 courses

Street Food

Chicken, roasted & shredded, olive oil, lemon, oregano
Chargrilled broccoli, chilli & garlic
Kosheri (rice salad)

Beef - Marinated in black mustard seeds & cumin, sliced and served ambient
Zhoug, parsley tahini sauce,
Baby spinach, dates & almonds
Mixed bean salad

Slow cooked shoulder of lamb, rubbed in all spice berries, anise
Yoghurt, smoked chilli sauce
Fennel, feta, pomegranate & sumac
Burnt aubergine with garlic

Goat stew, paprika, clove, tomatoes & chick peas
Fried yam/sweet potato
Boiled rice

Shredded lamb leg, oregano, lemon,
Potatoes cooked in juices or flat bread
Carrot salad, cardamom, ginger
Chilli sauce

Slow roasted pork hock
caramelised apple sauce
milk buns

24 hour shin of beef
celeriac puree
 cooking liquor

Sticky pork or beef
Steamed buns
Miso pickled salad
Horseradish & celeriac slaw

Prices range from £5.10 - £10.90 per person + VAT including disposable crockery & serviette

Three Course 1

Smoked mackerel rilletes, pickled mackerel, salted cucumber, dill oil
Caramelised red onion tart fine, feta, apple & endive salad
Smokey tomato soup wth creme fraiche & corn bread

Braised shin of beef, gruyere & potato pie, sprouting broccoli, sticky jus
Smoked haddock, spring greens, new potatoes, poached hens eggs
Confit of pork belly, etuvee of root vegetables, bramley apple spiked gravy
Vegetable tagine, preserved lemon, charred cauli salad, crushed coriander cous cous

Lemon cyllabub, hazelnut shortbread 'croisttant'
Sunken chocolate cake, creme Chantilly
White chocolate mousse, almond brittle

Coffee & petit fours

£35 + VAT
inc crockery, cutlery & service

Three Course 2

Chicken & smoked ham hock terrine, celeriac remoulade, herb salad
Smoked salmon & cucumber cannelloni, keta & lemon mayonnaise
Heritage tomato salad, sherry vinegar dressing, smoked salt

Smoked & roasted loin of pork, pickled apple, creamed savoy etuvee potato
Poached chicken breast, confit dark meat, puy lentils, bacon, braised gem
Seared salmon, braised pac choi samphire, chilli butter
Crispy hen egg, pear, watercress, blue cheese, seeds

Gooseberry fool, blueberry syrup, smashed honeycomb
Strawberry & vanilla yoghurt pannacotta, shortbread, strawberry sorbet
Chocolate coated caramelised rice, salted caramel, tonka bean custard

Coffee & petit fours

£38 + VAT
inc crockery, cutlery & service

Three Course 3

Sea trout and caviar rillettes, crisp greens, shellfish oil
Smoked partridge breast, roast endive, date puree, hazelnut dressing
Goats cheese mousse, thyme marinated beetroot, pickled walnuts, truffle oil

Fillet of beef, pommes puree, pak choi, roast shallot, jus
Roast loin of lamb, leg & potato terrine, legume salad, salsa verde, jus
Crisp cod, spaghetti veg, mussel chowder, smoked mash
Mixed mushroom, porcini & ale pie, buttery celeriac puree, peas

Bitter chocolate delice, hazelnut crumble, honeycomb
Soft chocolate tart, salted caramel peanuts, saffron cream
Rhubarb & almond tart, rhubarb sorbet, vanilla custard, pickled ginger

Coffee & petit fours

£42 + VAT
inc crockery, cutlery & service

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